Tax Diamond delivers effective Technical Assistance to Tax Organizations.
It’s all about getting the right things done at the right time

Brief Introduction

The demands for a modern tax administration are endless, but its capacity and budgets are not, and it is difficult to determine what makes sense now, what has significant impact and what does not. This is where Tax Diamond can help.


Diamond adequately determines where the organization is lacking in its capabilities, assessing the organization objectively, grounded on existing international good practices, and supported by documented hard evidence


Tax Diamond produces objective assessments because our methodology allows encoding international good practices in a variety of areas, in a series of indicators that documents how the organization measures up to these good practices in their actual operation. Tax Diamond annotates these measurements with the corresponding hard evidences and organizes them in a way that quickly highlights fundamental limitations, intuitively
Diamond is organized into modules, so that the collective and coordinated efforts of a multiplicity of experts follow the same methodology

Available Modules

Core Tax Assessment

Core Customs Assessment

ICT Assessment

System Functional Review

Human Resources Assessment

Risk Based Audit

Political Economy

Security Review

Process Mapping - BPR

Assistance for Action Plans

With the intuitive reports that are generated by the Tax Diamond we can quickly help design strategic plan and action plans that are supported by international good practices and are oriented to solving the harder but more pressing fundamental limitations
The Tax Diamond was created by the World Bank Group, as part of its strong technical assistance program for Tax Reform that includes a suite of tools aimed at accompanying implementation and monitoring of tax reforms.